Google announces new security features: Account Safety Status, virtual cards and more

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Google has announced a number of new additions to its products at I / O 2022 The company has announced more details for the search for the next version of its mobile operating system, Android 13, Google Docs, Google Meet, YouTube and more. In addition, the company has announced new security features aimed at making Internet browsing and shopping ‘secure’.
Here’s how Google plans to keep you safe
Account Security Status: Adding security to Google users to the apps they use. These updates will include a simple yellow warning icon in the profile picture that will flag the steps they should take to protect their account.
Phishing protection in Google Workspace: Google is scaling up phishing and malware protections that protect Gmail Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.
Automatic 2-step verification: Google says it will continue to move toward a passwordless future with 2-step verification (2SV) automatic enrollment to improve the security of their Google Accounts and reduce their risk of being phished. This will create last year’s work for automatically registering 150+ million accounts in 2SV.
Virtual card: Google is launching a virtual card Chrome And Android. With these virtual cards, when users automatically fill in their payment details at checkout, the virtual cards will add an extra layer of security by replacing your original card number with a unique, virtual number. This eliminates the need for users to manually enter card details like CVV during checkout. These cards will be easier to manage at – where users can enable the feature for eligible cards, access your virtual card number, and view recent virtual card transactions. Virtual cards will be rolled out in the United States Visa, American Express and all Capital One cards, including MasterCard later this year. So far, there is no information on whether and when these virtual cards will be launched in India.
Secure computing: The introduction of secure computing will ensure the privacy and security of user data. Google says it ensures user privacy and security by reducing user footprints across the Internet, shuffling data and restricting access to user data. Now, people can easily request removal of results about them from Google search It is said that the feature will come in Google search app next month. And you can take control of the ads you see on the Internet My Advertising Center.




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