google assistant: Google to shut down Android Auto mobile app

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Google is finally pulling the plug in Android Auto Mobile app for all Android users irrespective of OS version.

Google Finally pulling the plug in Android Auto 7 Mobile app For all Android users regardless of OS version. About a year ago, the tech giant killed Service For Android 12 users.
The app is still there but things have changed since you opened it. Now, if users of older Android versions try to access the app, the following message will greet them: “Android Auto for Phone The screens will stop working soon. “As you can see in the message, Google has not specified the date on which Google will stop its service.
To still get the service, users need to switch now Google AssistantOf Driving mode.
Google 9to5 has confirmed to Google in a statement that it will end Android Auto On the phone screen:
“For those who use Android Auto in supported vehicles, that experience is not going away – and indeed we have recently announced an upcoming major UI improvement in Google I / O. For those who use the On Phone Experience (Android Auto mobile app), Google Assistant will be switched to driving mode, the next evolution of our mobile driving experience. We have no further details to share at this time. ”
While Google Assistant’s driving mode may not be as efficient as Android Auto in certain areas, we hope that Google will make it better with the upcoming updates. This seems to be the future for the time being.

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