google employees: Some Google employees ‘unhappy’ with compensation, reveals internal survey

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Google One that many companies aspire to work with. Among other things, being a ‘googler’ is an aspirational thing, known for its great benefits. However, the internal survey has revealed that Google staff Dissatisfied with compensation. A report by Business Insider reveals that if there is an area where employees are really dissatisfied, it is compensation.
The survey – known as Googlegeist – was accessed by Business Insider and published among many. Googlers Compared to the way the employees of the competing company were paid, what they felt about their compensation has decreased year after year. “53% of Googlers respond favorably, saying that their total compensation is more competitive than similar jobs at other companies, down from 63% last year,” the report said. About 27% responded negatively, a number that increased from 18% over the previous year. About 20% of Googlers surveyed were neutral.
The report further revealed that 60% of the respondents were in favor of their compensation and felt that it was fair and equitable. However, this number was 66% lower than last year. 21% of Googlers were neutral in this regard whereas 19% were negative.
Other interesting things that the survey revealed is that about 62% of Google employees say that their well-being has improved. Further, 57% said they could be fired for ‘me-time’, the report published.
Meanwhile, a CNBC report last month said Google was relaxing some Covid-19 rules. David Radcliffe, vice president of Google Real Estate and Workplace Services, told staff that the obligations of testing, wearing masks, vaccines and social distance are being made relatively easy.
The report states that Google has also informed employees that some special benefits will be restored. Google will give employees access to fitness center, massage, shuttle service recovery. Also, Google will open its informal space such as game room, music room and lounge.




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