Google further integrates Google Forms response charts in Docs, Slides

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Users will now be able to embed a linked response chart Google Forms In Google Docs, Google SlidesAnd Google Drawing. The feature eliminates the need to replicate the response chart from the form and allows users to refresh an embedded chart by simply clicking the “Update” button.
Google has announced the new feature in a workspace update blog post. “This feature is useful for sharing real-time feedback on polls or surveys and to include form response data in presentations or reports,” the company said.
The feature is available to everyone Google Workspace Customers as well as Legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers. It’s available to users with a personal Google Account. It has started rolling out to end users from March 1 The rollout is likely to end within 15 days
Recently, Google introduced new features for Spaces in Google Chat. It includes features like setting up space manager, space guide and space description. Announcing this in a blog post, Google said that these features help users to better organize their people, topics and projects.
The role of space manager will give specific users more control over space management. They will also be able to add descriptions to spaces and define guidelines that set rules and expectations for creating a safer community experience for members. Descriptions for space can be used to describe the purpose of space, such as a place to discuss all things asteroids, which is a helpful topic for space members.




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