google: Gmail rolling out new status bar icons for Google Chat, Spaces for Android

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As the workspace prepares to leave the classic Hangouts for clients, Google Pushing more updates for its chats and spaces, adding more power to them The company has now introduced an update for Gmail users on Android that introduces a new status bar icon, which helps users identify whether a message has entered chat or space.
For users who don’t know the difference, previously chat messages (which are one-on-one conversations) and spaces (which are like slacks or any work platform) were the same. However, with the new update, the display icons will be a little different for both.
How are chat and space icons different?
For chat: One user will see a message bubble behind the other
For places: The message looks like three people standing next to each other.
According to a report from news website 9to5Google, the company is now using the status bar icon below, which has so far helped users differentiate between conversations.
The report added that if there are any complaints from users, they may miss the hold-out chat icon due to its design. However, it will take some time for people to get used to the space icon because it feels like a social media.
Currently, these are the only new updates, which are apparently different and they have not been widely launched yet
Google will close Hangouts soon
Google Before Workspace (formerly G Suite) set the date for users to migrate from Classic Hangouts to Google Chat in March. Google was supposed to start the migration from October 2019 but the multi-stage plan did not start until 2020.
On his blog, Google says: “We are now ready to go from the classic Hangouts for Google Workspace customers to the final stage of migration to Google Chat.”




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