google: Google Assistant receives support for Fitbit and Google Fit stats

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Google Assistant Got support for users Fitbit And Google Fit Statistics Recently, there have been reports of Nest Hub integrating more closely with Google Fit and Fitbit. According to a 9to5Google report, settings to integrate Google Fit and Fitbit with Google Assistant began last week and are now expected to be more widely available. However, it is important to note that users can pair both Google Fit and Fitbit, but only one service may be active at a time, and it is also easy to disconnect.
How to access Google Fit and Fitbit statistics from Google Assistant?
To access Google Fit and Fitbit statistics from Google Assistant, users need to open their device’s assistant settings and select the fitness option. Here, users can tap on the Activity option to start the process.
Google Fit and Fitbit statistics from Google Assistant availability
Users can ask Google Assistant on their phone (both iOS and Android) or from their Nest Hub as the report suggests it works on all Google Smart Displays. The result of both form factors is shown with a accompanying icon and a card with the line “from data”. Google Assistant also mentions that the data is “based on your last sync.” In the case of smart displays, none of this data is actively displayed, however, this issue can be fixed with future updates. In addition, the 2nd-gen Nest Hub supports a wellness tab that displays sleep-related cards with statistics and tips.
These changes occur before Fitbit is better integrated across Google devices. In addition, the Pixel Watch will be released in the autumn when slip sensing at Nest Hub (2nd Gen) is expected to work with the Fitbit Premium soon. In other news, Google has reached a tentative agreement with Match Group for in-app payments. Click here to learn more.




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