google: Google Drive’s latest feature to make it easier for users to remember stored file location

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Google Drive One of the most widely used cloud storage solutions. It’s even more popular because of its deep integration with Google Apps and Services. However, as it starts to crowd with files, folders, documents, photos and other things, it becomes difficult to remember exactly where you saved a file.
Google Now there is a solution. The company has added a new location column to search results and other sections of Drive’s web interface.
The new location column is placed to the right of the scene after the search results name, owner, last modified date and file size. It is also available in recent, starred and trash web views
According to the company, the new feature will not only make it easier for users to find a file and understand the structure of the file, but will also help them to separate the same-named files stored in different places.
The ‘Location’ feature will initially roll out to workspace customers and will be widely available at the end of the month. Google is also expected to extend this feature to other Google Account users, including personal Google Accounts.
For those who don’t know, Google recently added a simple keyboard shortcut to Google Drive Which includes copy, paste and cut options. The feature is also available for the web version of Drive, and users can now use regular file management shortcuts to manage files in Google Drive.




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