google: Google Drive’s new feature makes it easier for users to find stored files

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New Delhi: Google Drive Undoubtedly a central place where you will find most of your important documents. Now, to further enhance the user experience, the tech giant has introduced a new feature called Location column Search, Recent, Starred and Trash Web View Google Drive
The company claims that this feature makes it easier for you to distinguish between the same-named files stored in different locations and to quickly find what you’re looking for. You’ll notice the ‘Location’ column in the list view when you’re in the Search, Recent, Starred and Trash sections.
The Location The column will contain the file name, owner, last modified, and file size.
This new search feature is available to all Google Workplace customers and G Suite basic and business users.
Recently, Google added a new shortcut to Google Drive For better file management.
The company has added the ability to cut, copy and paste keyboard shortcuts to Google Drive.
Now the popular shortcuts Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V work on Google Drive. You can now use Ctrl + X to cut and Ctrl + V to paste files. Adding shortcuts will make it easier for users to move files and they will no longer have to drag files. It will also save time because you can now copy one or more files and move them to a new location on the drive.




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