google: Google Girl Hackathon 2022: All details you need to know

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Google Has announced Girl hackathon 2022 program for women. This program will run from March 19 to April 30, 2022. Google India is currently accepting applications from ‘female coders’ to participate in the Girl Hackathon 2022. The tech giant announced this via a Twitter post.
Eligibility criteria for participation Google Girl Hackathon 2022
The program is open to all female students pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in computer science and / or related subjects. Students can register in groups of three through the official website of Girl Hackathon – Registration can only be done in teams and a ‘Team Leader’ must be declared at the time of registration.
The program will be divided into two groups – Group A and Group B. Group A for 2024 and 2025 graduates and Group B for 2022 and 2023 graduates. Qualified degrees are – Bachelor’s, Master’s and Integrated Dual Degree and courses related to Computer Science and related disciplines.
Registration deadline is March 9, 2022, and interested candidates can register by 11:59 AM IST. The entire team must be registered by the ‘Team Leader’ and the other members must share their primary and secondary email accounts.
In addition, members of a team must be on the same campus. However, student groups with members from different campuses will only be allowed if participants opt for random selection and the Google team will make the final decision based on need.
How is the program structured?
Each team will have to take the Google Online Challenge (GOC) which will be held on March 19. This is a coding challenge that will evaluate participants for coding / puzzles. Google will announce the results of the challenge and the teams advancing to the next round on March 24th.
The theme of the program for this year is ‘Future of Education’ and the next round will be a design document round. It will have a technical theme / challenge that will require innovative solutions. Samples of a design document with a theme will be shared with the teams that advance from the GOC Round. Teams need to make a copy of the document and use it to create their pitch.
The document will be shared on March 24 and the submission of the design document will close on April 7. The results will be announced on April 13 with a guide to the final hackathon round.
The final round will be a virtual hackathon where the finalists will have to present their final solution to a panel of judges. The final round will be held on April 27, but the teams will have to share a working demo or prototype and code collection by April 22. Final results will be announced on April 27, 2022




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