google: Google Home to roll out redesigned device grid for these new features

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Google Google Assistant is reportedly planning to redesign the smart device app. A news report from 9to5Google states that the company will redesign Google Home With this app upgrade, it will be faster to control smart gadgets from the main tab According to the news report, the upgrade is similar to the device control of Android 11+.
The website notes that according to the release note of version 2.49, the updated Google Home app will help people adjust their devices with less tap.
Some of the features that can be easily manipulated after the upgrade are: a user can quickly find what they are looking for, dim the compatible light, and change the volume of the music. Some more features, which can be easily handled, tap to turn a device on or off, slide left or right to adjust, and then long press for more control.
Instead of fully representing connected devices by large icons that look like real-life objects, Google Home Grid is now switching to tiles that are shaped like round rectangles. Icons, however, are still available inside it but they have become completely interactive buttons.
Under the new upgrade, a person will be able to turn the lights on and off and run and pause the media with just one tap. One can slide left or right to adjust the brightness.
When will Google Home Grid Redesign be published?
According to a news website, Google Home’s iOS release states that the feature will be launched “in the next few weeks.”




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