google: Google is bringing new features to Android Auto

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Pixel device and Android 13 features may occupy all the titles of I / O 2022, Google Display much more. Take the case of Android Auto. Google users have new features Android Auto Get it soon. Here are some key features of Android Auto:

New user interface for Android Auto

Android Auto will roll out a new interface that will help users get directions faster, control media more easily and have more functionality at their fingertips, Google said in a blog post.

Split-screen mode across screens and sizes

Android Auto will now offer split-screen mode, now standard across all screen types and sizes. This will give users easy access to their most used features in one place – no need to go back to your home screen or scroll through a list of apps. “With your navigation and media always on, you don’t have to worry about missing your next turn when switching to your favorite travel podcast,” Google noted in a blog post.
More features have been added to Google Assistant
Google Now is offering relevant tips to help users become more productive on the go. From suggested replies to messages, sharing arrival times with friends, or even playing suggested music, Google Assistant helps you drive more efficiently in the car, Google says. Users can now quickly send and call messages to their favorite contacts with just a tap, and reply to messages by selecting only one suggested response on the screen.
According to Google, all the features will be rolled out to Android Auto in the coming months.




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