google: Google makes it easier for Android users to share files with multiple devices at once

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Google Announced that it had updated its Share nearby Tool with a new feature. With the new update, users can now share files with more than one person at a time. To share a file with multiple users, you need to add more recipients from the list during the transfer. Google is launching the feature for all devices running Android 7 or later.
For those who don’t know, Google launched a near-share tool for Android devices a few years ago. The feature lets you share files, links, photos and more with other Android users around you. This is similar to the AirDrop feature found in the Apple ecosystem. Nearby Share automatically chooses the best protocol for fast sharing using Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC or peer-to-peer WiFi. This means you can use the feature without an internet connection.
Until now, the tool has only been able to share files with one user at a time. The tech giant began testing the ability to share files with multiple users at once in March last year.
Google announced the new feature in a blog post where it revealed several more features. One such useful feature has been added to the Live Transcribe app. According to tech giant, the app now offers an offline mode when Wi-Fi and data are not available, such as on an airplane, subway or other areas without continuous Internet access. The app provides real-time speech-to-text captions to enable everyday personal conversations between deaf, hard of hearing and deaf people.




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