google: Google removes ‘Go’ branding from another app: What does it mean for users

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Google Recently decided to close YouTube Go Which is likely to stop work from August. The company is shutting down the app, which has been optimized for lower-end hardware because it feels the service is no longer needed. According to 9to5Google, the tech giant has now removed the “Go” branding from other apps. The report suggests that Google’s “Gallery Go” app has lost its “Go” branding and may indicate changes to light versions of first-party apps that are designed to run smoothly on low-end devices. Google has launched these “Go” apps for devices that are running Android Going.
What is Android Go OS?
The Android Go operating system was launched in 2017 by Google with Android version 8.0 Orio. `The company has introduced this version of the operating system optimized for low end hardware. First-party apps, which were part of the initiative, have been redesigned for OS variants. The first wave of apps using the “Go” branding include – Google Search, Assistant, YouTube, Maps and Gmail.
What? Go to the gallery App?
Google has launched Gallery Go in 2019 as a lightweight variant of the company’s photo app. However, the Gallery Go app is specifically designed for offline use and comes in a size of less than 10MB. This app was able to automatically organize users’ libraries – people, selfies, nature, animals, documents, videos and movies. Moreover, the app also supports easy auto-enhanced editing.
What happened to the Gallery Go app?
According to reports, Google has updated the app with a newer version ( where Go brand name has been dropped and just called “Gallery”. The company has removed the word “go” from – icon / name, app bar and Play Store List This app boasts over 100 million downloads and is one of the few Go apps available for all devices – search, maps and its navigation elements among others. ‘
Other apps don’t have “Go” branding
Earlier, Google changed a branding of this nature through another app. In 2018, the company renamed the “Files Go” app to “Files by Google”, marking the app as pivoting to a wider audience. However, it is not clear whether the gallery will follow the same path, considering Google Photos as a popular and important product.
The future of Google’s “Go” branding
The report does not mention that the Android Go project is undergoing a major overhaul, at least for apps. In 2021, Google announced the Android 12Go operating system with several changes, which is expected to be released this year. However, the company’s decision to remove the YouTube Go app suggests that first-party apps have been significantly optimized.




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