Google is adding a new button to Chrome password manager, this is what it will do

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Google Chrome’s built-in password manager helps store passwords in the browser for quick access. Browser is getting a new feature that will allow users to send saved passwords. Google Order.
Marked by Leopeva64 and first reported by 9to5Google, Google has added a new “Send Password” button to Chrome. The feature is no longer live. Once live, it will allow Chrome users to share passwords with other people in browser security.
Chrome developers have reportedly added the Send Password button to an overflow menu next to each username and password combination. The browser already has a copy password button. The new feature has the potential to take things one step further. Since the button is not live, not much can be said about how it will work.
In the meantime, Google is testing a new feature to add notes for saved passwords Chrome Password Manager. The feature is available to a few users as a test and is not widely available. The new feature was introduced by a Reddit user (u / Leopeva64).
This feature can be seen as a general ‘note’ field under the Username and Password field. This option appears when you edit an existing password or add one for the first time The feature will help users enter the context of an account that has already been added by a user. The notes section may contain security questions, small details, which may help you to remember the details of the account.




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