Google Messages: Messages on Android receives support for iMessage reactions and other features

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Google Messages Updated with several new features, including some iPhone features like iMessage responses. In addition, Google Messages has got other new features, including a photo editing tool that allows users to blur images in chat, a grammar correction tool, and live transcription among others. AndroidIts messaging app also has a new feature where one-time passwords are deleted after 24 hours. Here, we will discuss some of the important new features that Google Messages has received.
Support for iMessage response features
Google Messages will now be able to respond to iPhones users on Android phones. This means that if you use an iPhone to send messages to an Android user, the iMessage responses to these messages will now be displayed on their Android phone as well. This feature will start on devices set to English, the feature will be available later for other languages.
Separate tab for personal and business chat features
This new Google Messages feature will help users close their chatboxes by having separate tabs for both personal and business messages. In addition, to help reduce further clutter, users can enable a feature that automatically deletes one-time password messages after 24 hours. This feature was initially introduced in India and is now being expanded to the United States.
Live transcription features
Google has created the live transcription feature in collaboration with Gallaudet University. This university is primarily for people who are deaf or have some hearing problems. This feature allows users to replicate speeches in text in real-time. The Live Transcription feature was originally pre-installed on Samsung and Google Pixel phones, and can now be downloaded for free to other Android devices.
Portrait Blur
The Portrait Blur feature has been revealed in the Google Photos app. This feature will allow users to blur images of pets, food and other plants in addition to human images. This feature will first come to the Pixel 6 smartphone.




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