Google Photos: Google Photos app gets a new time-saving feature

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Google Photos Launch the app Android And iOS Got a new update. Now, users will be able to delete photos and videos directly to the album, which was not possible with the mobile app before, although there was a web version of the cloud-based data storage service. So, with the new update of the app, users will be able to delete the media directly from the album. The important thing to note here is that on Android, this feature only works with personal albums, not sharing.
Users can delete the media inside the album by selecting the ‘Move to Trash’ option which was not there before. Prior to this update, you can only delete the media from the album and then, in order to delete it from the saved media, you need to search for it from the main feed and find out which can be time consuming and frustrating. And for shared albums on Android, the process is still the same where the iOS version of the app allows users to trash photos stored in a shared album directly. So iOS has and Android doesn’t. Google’s own platform should not be overlooked when it comes to updating its own apps. It remains to be seen when the tech giant will make the Photos app equal to both Android and iOS. For now, the much-needed addition to the Android Photos app is welcome




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