gram power: Yashraj Khaitan, founder and CEO, Gram Power: To survive as species, we need environment and not the other way around

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Yashraj Khaitan He is the founder and CEO of Gram Power, a power technology company based in Berkeley, California. Village power Develops and commercializes technology for smart electricity grids and energy analytics to help utilities and businesses reduce their energy losses. Yashraj completed his undergraduate studies in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California. Founded in 2012, Grampower initially focused on creating low-cost solar products and microgrids for rural electrification, today the company is one of the biggest players in smart metering solutions for the national grid in India and claims to operate more than 100,000 kilowatts of electricity. More than 30 cities across the country. On it World Environment Day 2022, Times of India Tech-Gadgets Now talks to Yashraj about village power, lessons from epidemics and much more …
Q. Tell us about the original offer of Gram Power?
Gram Power provides the industry’s most comprehensive smart metering and power distribution management platform. Electrical utilities use our solutions to digitize and automatically detect and eliminate metering, billing and collection activities, and electricity theft. Our technology is designed and deployed in India to address the $ 16 billion / year energy loss problem.
Q. What is the key difference between a Village Power solution for business versus retail users, if any?
There is no significant difference in the solution of village power for business compared to retail users. We supply our smart meters across all of our business verticals – state electric utilities; Co-living and PG operators; And retail users. Using our solutions to manage the first two electricity distribution activities, retailers set up our advanced analysis to track their budgets and reduce their electricity bills.
Q. How has the Gram Power offer changed / evolved over the last 10 years compared to the market?
Grameen Power started rural electrification 10 years ago. We will set up smart microgrids in off-grid areas where we will generate electricity using solar energy and distribute it using our smart prepaid metering platform. In 2016, we pivoted the business and began to focus on providing smart prepaid metering solutions in electrical utilities – in both the public and private sectors. Healthcare budget. Since then, the stack of technology and products to care for complex requirements has expanded significantly
Today, through our smart meters and software platforms, we manage to distribute more than 100,000 kilowatts of electricity daily, provide more than 70 million electricity annually, and serve more than 400,000 people through our technology. The country has recently made it mandatory that in the next three years, India’s 250M electric meters will be converted to 100% smart meters. We are playing a leading role in this passage of technology.
Q. What has been the biggest epidemic of village power education?
The supply chain of our industry has been completely disrupted by the epidemic. One of the biggest ways to combat epidemics is to diversify the supply chain. The other is a stronger focus on SaaS earnings as opposed to hardware sales.
Q. What message would you like to share on the occasion of World Environment Day?
In order to survive as a species, we need the environment, not otherwise. We are dedicated to Village Power to do something about building radical energy efficiency on the grid and hope that many more businesses will truly align their strategies towards a cleaner planet.
Q: How has Google helped you in your entrepreneurial journey for the Startups Accelerator program?
Google has been instrumental in our growth journey for the Startups Accelerator program. It has helped us get a lot more visibility into our work and connect with some amazing consultants in product, technology and strategy aspects.
Q: Why don’t you have an app for iPhone users?
We are currently working on an application for Apple iOS. Since less than 15% of our users are operating from an iPhone, we’ve built our platform for that. Android The first

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