Here is what Google brings as part of March 2022 system update

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Google As part of the system update for March 2022, it contains details of what features and major improvements it is going to make. For this month, there are a number of bug fixes related to device connectivity, security and emergencies and other issues with new features for the Play Store. Intended for updates Android OS, Google Play Store and Google Play Services. The Google System Update For March 2022, Android devices like phones and tablets will be rolled out. Android TV And Google TV devices, Android Auto-enabled vehicles, Wear OS devices, and more Chrome OS device according to tech giant.
The March 2022 update comes with some complex bug fixes for Android Auto, phones, tablets, Android TV and WearOS. These will address issues such as device connectivity, developer services, security and emergency and utility-related services.
The update will add features to the Google Play Games service (phone and TV) to give users more options for managing their privacy settings.
For the Google Play Store, “Play-as-You-Download features have been improved so that gamers can start playing mobile games while reducing app waiting times.” Google says it has added new features to help users discover apps and games on the platform. With the new update, the download and installation is expected to be faster.
Other additions include new features for the Play Pass and Play Points program, enhanced Google Play billing, new security features for Google Play Protect, performance optimization and other bug fixes.
For system management services, the March update “brings features to improve device connectivity, network usage, stability, security and updatability.” Google is adding new developer features for app developers that include “advertising, accessibility, analytics and diagnostics and machine learning and AI, and supporting security and privacy-related developer services in their app”.
The system update has started rolling out from March 1, 2022.




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