Here’s why daytime weddings look more stylish

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Wedding has its own beauty during the day! They are shiny, bright and airy. Couples and families must have a growing bond with them because of their pleasant environment, color palette or the simplicity they see. Day weddings usually take place late in the morning or in the afternoon, which may be the ideal time for some couples. But, considering that these are not as common as evening or night weddings, they create confusion for those who are planning their first time and it is difficult to understand exactly what to expect.

There are many things that can be less stressful than night if you plan to opt for a one day wedding. So, if you are confused, how to do it? We’ve put together a checklist that can help you streamline the process.

Flower decorations and natural lightning

Decoration plays a very important role in a wedding because it sets the mood of the whole ceremony. Although most evening weddings are embellished in dark and dramatic colors with velvet and satin drapes, a one-day wedding allows for natural decor. For example, you can choose a garden setup with delicate floral arrangements such as floral installation and dangler or hanging flowers, jute decorations and thematic props for your day wedding decorations. Even if you choose minimal decor, it is an aesthetically pleasing sight.

Also, the bright natural sunlight of the afternoon makes everything stunning, the sunset in the background makes your wedding setup look dreamy. If you like natural light, a day wedding is a perfect way to make sure you get bright and vivid photos.


When you plan an evening wedding on a typical day, this is a high-value deal. With many months of planning, evening weddings are always more about glam and, therefore, big budgets. Most couples book a place in the evening so there is a premium price attached to it as it is the most popular reception time. The same is true for wedding vendors like hair and makeup artists, bands, DJs and photographers. Daytime weddings, on the other hand, are relatively affordable. Decorations, from lights to venues, have different booking prices for daytime weddings.

Having your reception in less busy time will give you more space to discuss prices and deals. In addition to the venue, accommodation prices for daytime weddings also vary significantly. Thus, saving costs that could otherwise be used.

More flexible time

Since most wedding ceremonies tend to be an enjoyable dinner, then with drinks and endless dancing, the deadline goes from midnight to dawn which makes it busy for the guests. If you have a specific amount of time that you can spend at the venue, the limitations make you rush because almost every venue allocates the last time for your functions because they have to close it for the day. But with a one-day marriage, the clock is ticking. You have a full day to host your functions, and venues are usually closed at the end of the day or at midnight. It gives you the flexibility to enjoy your big day in a royal way without giving time.

Open space

By choosing a wedding during the day, you are making a unique choice that will be different for your guests. A scenic view, clear blue sky, rustic furniture outside of garden-style, decorative leaves, outdoor cocktail bars, abstract art and lots of pleasant summer breeze, make it your first choice for your guests. The wedding of the day can be wonderful if you are after a more casual look! Embrace earlier deadlines and playful energy by adding fun outdoor activities like lawn games. If we talk about geographical preferences, couples are choosing traditional properties in North India while Lakeside Venues are in demand in South India.

So, if you are someone who likes to be fascinated by the air, day wedding should be your go-to option. Your celebration will start earlier and end earlier. You’re being given more time to make sure you’re enjoying the rest of the day together with your loved ones!

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