High Cholesterol: Experts warn against consumption of these 4 food items

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If your diet is right, you don’t have to worry about the risk of chronic illness. However, sometimes we make the obvious mistake of not being able to resist the taste of certain food items and sometimes not being fully aware of the ingredients of the food; At risk of developing health complications.

One of the health complications that is directly associated with bad diet is high cholesterol.

Elevated cholesterol levels increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that, “Globally, one-third of ischemic heart disease is responsible for high cholesterol,” adding that increased total cholesterol is a major cause of disease risk in both developed and developing countries. Heart disease and stroke. In 2008, the global incidence of total cholesterol raised in adults was 39% (37% for men and 40% for women).

According to Harvard Medical School, to reduce the risk of heart complications due to high cholesterol, one should stop eating red meat, fried foods, processed meats and baked goods.




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