His story/Her story: I often catch my husband staring at other women!

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Her story: We have a love marriage and we both literally grew up together. I exercise regularly and want to believe that I look beautiful. My husband and I have passed the age of physical attraction to someone outside of our marriage but I often see him looking at other women. It makes me feel insecure and when I talk to her about it, she turns it into a joke.

Her story: I love my wife, not just her mind, but her body and soul. We both go to the gym regularly to stay in shape and I never get enough of her physically and mentally. I admit I don’t check out random women but it! I don’t imagine them or compare them to my wife. But she says it makes her insecure. I find it funny because I don’t think there’s anything wrong with looking at other women. I don’t know how to handle this situation.

Consulting Psychiatrist, Sasha Raikhi, Director Positive Vibes: There is nothing better than having a relationship with your partner that is defensive and very competent. Rather it will be a mess for you. Surely, it will hurt your relationship. Let us assume that your partner is loyal but still, you do not believe and fight every look. If he wants to look, let him look and give him space. Also, it is advisable to work on “self-reflection”. Try not to overdo it, but maintain your self-esteem. One should have an open discussion with the partner and discuss the issue in detail so that it can be resolved at a smooth pace. Low self-esteem leads to behaviors so it is advisable to appreciate your self-worth and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Try to create “your own identity” and it will help you achieve self-worth.

Love Instructor, Jigassa Union: It is very normal for a man to be attracted to a woman and examine her. So, if you often see your husband testing other women, don’t be worried and angry. His loyalty to you is because you are his life partner. As humans, we often admire the beauty of the people and things around us. Your husband has this right too. But if you see some red flags in your relationship then you must keep an eye on it and check its activity!

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