His Story/Her Story: “She watches shows like Bigg Boss & Lock Upp all the time and it’s making her very aggressive”

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Her story: She watches reality TV shows all the time and I think it makes my wife a very negative person. He was never this aggressive. Episodes of the show affect her mood so if there is a fight on the show or someone breaks up, she stays frustrated all day … I’m upset about it and I don’t know how to stop her because she is addicted to this show.

Her story: I love watching reality TV shows because they are pure fun and unscrupulous entertainment for me. Sometimes I resonate in specific situations in episodes. My husband hates it and he argues with me a lot about this. He thinks I’m becoming a negative person and the aggression on the show is rubbing me off.

Dr. Survi Vishnoi, Psychiatrist’s expert advice: First, he spends all his time watching TV, which may be because he feels very alone, or because he has no other interesting things to do. Second, nowadays TV serials especially reality shows have extra dimensions of emotional drama which can negatively affect the mental balance of the viewers. During the 20-30 minute episode, one usually comes in contact with a range of emotions ranging from violence, anger, disbelief, sadness, inferiority, tearfulness. As a result, it is very common for them to be severely attacked. So, it will help to have a specific time for these.

Third, there seems to be a communication gap between the couple. Spending quality time with her, and then discussing the problem and its negative impact on their relationship, will help her gain the insight, confidence and support she needs to deal with the problem. If needed, professional help can always be sought.

Himanshu Rao, Relationship Specialist and Founder and Director of Path Public Relations: The main cause of aggressive behavior is sensitive overload. When we watch too many TV shows, it leads to mental fatigue and eventually much anticipated fights. When your wife is too attached to a television or a gadget, it can lead to emotional distress and stress, which can lead to aggressive behavior. Our brains are responsible for controlling emotions and thus they can explode. This is due to uncontrolled hormones and we fight a lot. Life is comparable and one fails to understand the other’s emotions and suffering. Emotional depletion occurs which leads to aggressive behavior.

One of the solutions is an alternative hobby such as painting, walking or any kind of exercise that regulates brain function and reduces mental fog. Also, one of the reasons is not eating in front of the TV show because we tend to eat and spend more time watching serials. Try to avoid the TV in the dining room and ask about each other’s days at that time. Conversations with each other help to eliminate monotony. Try to engage in a hobby that will create a confusion.

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