holi: Best skincare hacks for Holi 2022

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Festival of Colors, Holi, and just one week left and preparations are in full swing everywhere. Whether shopping, cleaning the house and getting rid of clutter or preparing for self-care, women are supercharged for every task, big or small. Yet, many people around us avoid celebrating these beautiful festivals of color and social gatherings because of the potential threat to skin from inorganic dyes and the excessive use of water to remove them. Not being involved in the festivities of the year can feel like a difficult sacrifice. While the concern is valid that certain colors make the skin rough and create a tendency to acne and other allergies, following preventive measures can help to play Holi with fun and exhilaration and also not irritate your skin. So, courtesy of Beauty Guru Shahnaz Hossain Here are some really simple tips you need to follow before and after playing Holi.

Organic is friendly to you and your ecosystem

Bring organic colors home and advise your friends to follow this safe trend. Until the mass production of artificial colors, people used to play Holi with natural colors made from marigold, turmeric, hibiscus, aparajita and other flowers and herbs. Natural colors do no harm to skin or hair, nor do they soak up the guilt of not attending the festivities with family and friends.

Cold gold

It is proven that rubbing ice all over your face or face dip in cold water will help you to close your pores which will further ensure that the colors do not penetrate deep into the layers of your skin. Therefore, the first and foremost thing on your skin care list should be a good ice massage, which controls puffiness and brings radiance to the skin.

Face wash and cleanser

A good foaming face wash is ideal for cleansing the skin, removing dirt, color and excess oil, where the skin retains its natural moisture. Try using a foaming facewash because it is lighter on the skin. Moreover, the use of a cleansing cream or milk will help to moisturize the skin by lifting the whole color.

SPF-protection layer

The most common mistake is not to apply sunscreen, sunblock or suntan lotion. Be sure to apply sunscreen or sunscreen before leaving the house on Holi. When you play Holi, your skin comes in contact with color, sun, heat and dust.

Staying hydrated

Lemonade, or a glass of good old lemon water, milk, coconut water, aloe vera juice, chia water, there are endless ways to keep skin hydrated and radiant. The more water you drink, the more hydrated your skin will be. Proper hydration will reduce the chances of your skin becoming abnormally dry.

Prepare your skin

Applying enough oil or moisturizer on all exposed parts of your body will soften the effect of your skin color. Make sure you have enough oil on your skin; This way the color will not stick to your skin for long. You can apply cold pressed coconut or olive oil on your face and body before playing Holi. The oil works best to block the pores of the skin and prevent dyes from passing through them.

Lip and eye care

Be sure to apply an SPF lip balm before going out. Try to avoid getting color on your lips and eyes. Also, wear sports sunglasses to protect your eyes from any harsh exposure. But, to avoid the possibility of harmful reactions on your skin, do side-step waxing or threading or bleaching on your face and hands a few days before and after Holi.

Let your body breathe

Choose breathable fabrics such as cotton because they allow the skin to breathe, as opposed to synthetic and tight clothing, always wear full-sleeved clothing to avoid direct contact with the skin, which can cause skin discomfort.




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