How Microsoft’s plan may give it an ‘Edge’ over Google

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Microsoft He has improved Edge browser And tempting users to switch from Chrome to it as the best browser Windows. However, the switch to Edge did not happen because the company could have a goal and Google Order Still the market leader. Now, Microsoft has one more strategy so that more users can embrace Edge. The technology giant is actually going to add a free VPN to its Edge browser, which could significantly switch users to Edge. The feature is detailed on the company’s support page.
The tech giant feature ‘Microsoft Edge Secure Network ‘, which is currently in the preview stage. The purpose of the “secure network”? To protect you from hackers, encrypt your internet connection, protect you from online tracking, and keep your location private, which is expected from a VPN service. Microsoft has partnered with Cloudflare for VPN services.
You will receive 1GB of free data per month when you sign in to Microsoft Edge with their Microsoft account.
How to launch and use Microsoft Secure Network
To use it and get acquainted with the feature, you’ll need to sign in with your Microsoft account at Edge, go to ‘Settings and more’ and click ‘Secure Network’. Then, VPN will be activated and your browser frame will get a solid shield icon. The feature will automatically shut down when you close the Edge browser, and you will need to restart the feature if you want to use it next time.
At the moment, the feature is in the preview. Chances are Edge Insiders will be able to use the feature first. The final construction is expected to roll out in a few weeks.
Keep in mind that it’s a completely free VPN, and by offering it on Edge, Microsoft must have made the browser dominance game attractive as its rival. Google And Mozilla allows VPN services in their browsers but pays for them.




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