How to drape a sari to accentuate your curves

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Sari is a beautiful Indian ethnic dress that effortlessly enhances the beauty of any woman and makes her look her best. If your body mass is a little less and you think that wearing a sari will make you look more smooth, then you may be wrong, because it is not always the case. Drapping the sari according to your figure will enhance it in the best way. Therefore, for a saree to enhance your curve and show you your best form, you must wear it properly.

Here are some tips to make your sari fit properly so that it brings out the best in you.

Keep an eye on the ingredients

If you want to add more curve to your body, refrain from buying saris made of materials like chiffon and georgette. Choose materials like kanjivaram, snow, handloom or benarasi which increase the volume and do not cling to your body. These saris look fluffy and add volume to your lower body.

Choosing the right shade

If you want to give the impression of volume in your sari, then you must go for bright shades like red, orange, yellow, purple etc. Alternatively, you can go for pale pastel shades or bright neon or white colors that enhance your saree. Curves and a sari make you look gorgeous.

Choose large prints and borders

Large prints on a sari create the impression of volume, which makes you look curvy. You can choose to scatter or continuous print. Having a large border on the sari is also a great option to make your sari bigger. Thread embroidery, lace work, pearls, stones and ornaments will give you a beautiful look by highlighting your curves.

Choosing the right blouse

Choosing the right blouse for your saree is also very important for the overall beautiful look in ordinary ethnic wear. Having a blouse of the same color as a sari makes your body look curvy. Collared blouses, bell-shaped sleeves, and high-necked blouses give the impression of being curvy, so you can use these types of blouses if you want to see curvy in your saree. Heavy embroidered blouses will also serve the same purpose and make you look elegant.

Wear the right petticoat

If you have a lean body type and you want to show curvier in saree, then you can wear fish cut petticoat. Also, petticoats made with heavy material can help increase the volume. Wearing a sari over a heavy petticoat creates the illusion of curve and makes your sari look more flowy and beautiful.

Use a belt

A belt over a sari is extremely popular nowadays. A belt around your waist enhances your figure and highlights your curves. You can use a wide leather belt to give the sari a modern touch. Alternatively, instead of using a belt, you can use a traditional blacksmith’s bandage.

It’s draping the right way

Lots of sari dropping styles are available and to look curvy, you can choose the styles that add more volume. For example, low waist drapes, Gujarati style, lehenga style and dhoti style help to create the impression of volume and strengthen your curves.

Wear heels

Regardless of figure and height, wear heels with sarees as they go best with them. Heels help maintain proper posture and make your curves look pronounced. If you do not feel comfortable wearing pencil heels, you can also wear wedge or block heels.

The right hairstyle

Yes, your hairstyle also plays an important role in showing you curvy. When you wear a sari, it is best to tie your hair in a huge bun with a puff. You can blow-dry or curl your hair to add more volume. Those who have long hair, they can braid loose.


Proper access to your appearance also plays an important role in improving your curves. For those who want to slim down and highlight their curves, it is recommended that they wear heavy jewelry such as heavy, statement accessories to enhance their appearance and highlight their features. A heavy necklace or choker, oversized earrings will work wonders to complete the look of your ethnic saree.

When choosing accessories for yourself, make sure you do not over-access, as this gives a random look. Keep a maximum of 2 to 3 statement accessories and keep in mind the occasion for which you are arranging yourself.

With input from Neha Sahu, founder and designer The Haley.




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