How to use WhatsApp Web on PC, tablet and mobile

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WhatsApp Easy access to devices other than mobile phones. It is platform independent and therefore easily accessible Mac Or Windows-based systems. It can be synced with the mobile phone app to send and receive messages and share multimedia data from PC, laptop or tablet. Since you are accessing WhatsApp web On your PC, all the actions you perform will also be reflected on your mobile phone.
There are two ways to use WhatsApp on PC:
Download WhatsApp Web on your desktop
Use WhatsApp in your browser
How to use WhatsApp Web on PC / Laptop?
Follow the instructions below:
Go to any search engine and type in the search bar.

Download the app from any authorized site and run it on your PC.
On your mobile phone go to settings option in whatsapp and click on linked device option.

Open the scanner and scan the QR code displayed on the right side of your screen.

You can now access WhatsApp on your PC / Laptop.
How Can You Use WhatsApp Web On Tablet?
You can either download the WhatsApp application on your tablet or run it in your browser Note that the WhatsApp app is not available on the iPad.
Convenience of using WhatsApp web on PC, tablet and mobile
There are enough benefits to using WhatsApp Web on the desktop.
Many people are not accustomed to typing on the small screen of their mobile phone. Where they can easily type and chat using a computer keyboard.
Data sharing on desktop becomes easy.
Difficulty using WhatsApp web on PC, tablet and mobile
There are some drawbacks to using WhatsApp web on computer which are as follows:
Previous chats cannot be accessed on the desktop without an internet connection.
There is no location sharing facility.




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