How will Surya Grahan impact your relationship, as per zodiac signs

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This year, the eclipse will occur on April 30 and will be visible in parts of South America, Chile, southwestern Bolivia, Peru, parts of southwestern Brazil, Uruguay. According to NASA, it will also be visible from the South Pacific Ocean. According to astrology, this kind of eclipse affects our whole life. Acceptance will affect not only your financial situation, your mood swings, etc., but also your relationship. Due to the sudden rapid change many people may need to calm down their horses. It can make a lot of people extra sensitive, some of us will see amazing benefits, meet amazing people. Scroll down to find out what it will do for you based on the zodiac.

A partial solar eclipse will last 4 years and will occur between 12:15 pm Indian time and 2:11 pm IST Indian time. An eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the earth and the sun. There will be a moon [partially block the sun as it appears from Earth. According to NASA, this eclipse will have almost 65 per cent of the Sun covered by the Moon. This year the Nodes of Destiny have moved into Taurus and Scorpio as last year it was between Gemini & Sagittarius. In astrology, different nodes represent different goals. The North Node is about the goal required to reach outside our own being and work on becoming better and greater while the South Node is about the comfort zone we are in.

During the eclipse, there are some changes in our societal and personal life and here is a low down on how that affects each zodiac sign.

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