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Interior designer and producer

Gauri Khan
Who is the mother of three children, the wife of a superstar

Shah Rukh Khan
There was exclusive interaction with the team

Where he has spread some beans on his career journey, life as a producer and his upcoming projects. Check out our exclusive audio interview with the boss lady!

How does it feel to come to an event after a long time?

It seems like a very long time. It was quite normal, life is normal again. Everyone is there and some people are out without masks. It was nice, felt normal.

What has inspired you to be a part of the interior designer world?

I have been interested in art and culture, history since I was a history student. I have done my Honors in History. I did art and graphic design in college and school. I did a short course

Delhi School of Arts
. Art was always around me, whether I was traveling or growing up. It helped me when I chose this line of interior design. In this case it has played an important role. Today when I am launching this platform

Bonito design
Being an interior design company, it is very exciting to be a part of this platform because people from all walks of life will be connected to this platform. They will get interior design tips or input from Gauri Khan’s design. This collaboration will be quite exciting and new. It is

Gradually it will open

. Now, they are moving forward

. And, eventually it will become a pan-India design company and that is different. We will have the solution of the original projects in an ‘X’ number of times, which is a bit different from the way we work. It’s different and exciting, they pay a lot of attention to design and detail for a number of days. What’s the funny reason I’m involved with this project?

You are running five careers at a time, how do you get time for that?

I think if you have the will and the way and you work in an organized way, you can find time to do everything in life. Just so you have to be very focused on what you are doing and pay attention to what you are doing and time-management is the key that I make sure to manage it nicely. I have a full life, family life as well as my job. I feel comfortable engaging in these roles in a very comfortable way. I look forward to many more associations.

Have you always been interested in interior designing or did you have any other plans before entering the profession?

No, I think it came to me very biologically. It came to me at a time when I wanted to explore a career and it fell into my lap. I took every step, every day, and loved what I did. When I started, there was no ambition or goal to open multiple stores at ‘X’ speed in ten years. There were no goals or objectives like this, but yes, I was I wanted to do this job and I want to do it well and I want to excel and I want to grow up. Time will tell and as I took each day as it came to me, I wait in this place like this.

Do you prefer to work alone for your project or do you feel comfortable hanging out with a friend?

Each project is unique and different. Each day is different, you meet different people and that’s why it’s unique in its own way! That’s what I enjoy. I think everyone brings something new and fresh to the table. This is the fun of this profession.

What kind of craft attracts your attention?

I’m always interested in art. In interior designing, I have always been interested in the art. I have to read and learn about artists from all over the world and what they have to offer each year with different thoughts. They are so creative with different elements, that always fascinates me.

Since we are talking about the industry, you are also the producer of the movie. How do you manage your career as a producer?

I’m not so much on the creative side, I’m not on the front side either. I take a backseat there. I was just there to approve when the final film is or when the final promo is. I’m there when the final product is ready. I don’t actually have the initial stage to give my creative input.

What’s next for Gauri Khan after Bonito design?

We are thinking of launching our design online. The products are going online, a new collection that will launch in August.



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