Ideas pouring in from students to grab ₹25L+ prizes

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Vivo, the innovative global smartphone brand, has launched the Vivo Ignite, Science and Innovation Awards with Hindustan Times as its Knowledge Partner. It is a three-phase program that started in September 2022 and will continue till February 2023. Aimed at students in grades 8 to 12 across the country, the initiative is open for registration until December 12. Click here to register. After successful registration, students who submit their ideas will be given a digital participation certificate. At the end of the program, the top 10 (5 concepts and 5 prototypes) winners will also receive prizes worth 25L+.

As part of the idea submission phase, students have already begun to present their unique project ideas through posters and synopses in these two categories: Concept (an essay elaborating on their scientific ideas) and Prototype (summarizing a fully developed working model). Here are some innovative ideas from some of India’s brightest minds that promise to benefit society in a big way.

An eco-friendly alternative to wood fiber

Prototype: Srivastava Sun

Alternatives to wood fibers can be made through this project. This, in turn, will reduce the rate of deforestation, while encouraging reuse and recycling, making the environment cleaner and greener.

A ‘robotic’ way to reduce life risk

Prototype: Ayush Kumar

People often have to engage in dangerous work that can cost lives. The project aims to develop a robot that can perform such life-threatening tasks for humans.

Solar Heating: A Green Alternative

Prototype: Vinisha Umashankar

Charcoal is used for heating iron which harms people and also affects the environment. The project aims to reduce the use of charcoal for heating iron.

Gray water treatment

Prototype: Mannat Kaur

Gray water is water used for domestic purposes. This relatively clean used water usually becomes waste when it flows down the drain. This project will ensure that excess greywater is collected, filtered and reused.

Gas leakage detector

Concept: Paul Sudhak

Over the years, India has experienced many gas leakage tragedies that have claimed thousands of lives and led to chronic health conditions. This project aims to reduce such tragedies.

In today’s technology-driven world, students are exposed to many aspects of STEM learning, thanks to their technology-focused curriculum and various after-school activities. Academic and professional dreams, opening doors to an array of new-age career options. But more importantly, they sharpen young people’s important life skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and logical reasoning, equipping them with the ability to come up with logical and innovative, science-backed solutions to social problems. Thus, Vivo’s objective behind this initiative is to recognize young India and provide a platform that will enable them to showcase innovative solutions to burning social issues.

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