instagram: Explained: What is Rossgram and how will it be different from Instagram

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Russia Recently Facebook-owned photo sharing app was banned Instagram. Russia’s media regulator Roskomnadzor, following a warning earlier this week, imposed a ban on the platform. The ban comes just days after Russia declared Facebook a terrorist organization.
According to Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, there are about 80 million Instagram users in Russia and about 80% of Russians follow an Instagram account outside their country. Since Instagram has been reported as one of the primary platforms for social communication in the country, Russian technology entrepreneurs are working on a new app to replace Instagram. According to a Reuters report, Instagram will be called Russia’s rival.RasgramThink about what ‘Rasgram’ is and how it differs from Instagram.
What is Rasgram?
According to reports, Rasgram will be a social media platform that will launch later this month. The platform will allow users to share photos and videos. According to the image shared on the VKontakte social network, the color scheme and layout of the platform looks similar to Instagram. The photo of Rasgram was shared by Alexander Jobov, public relations director of the enterprise.
How Rasgram will be different from Instagram
While the Rossgram app will have the same functionality as Instagram, it will have some features that are not available in the Meter Photo Sharing app. These additional features of Rasgram include crowdfunding and access to paid content.
This is not the first time Russia has tried to reduce its dependence on Western products. Last year, Russia’s Gazprom Media also launched the Yapi social media platform. The app is said to be a domestic competitor to the TikTok video-sharing platform owned by ByteDance in China.




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