instagram: Instagram launches exclusive ‘1 Minute Music’ tracks for Reels

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Instagram Has announced a new music feature, ‘1 Minute Music’, a set of music tracks and videos, available only on its platform, for use in reels and storage. It features music by over 200 artists from across India, including Dhwani Bhanushali, Niti Mohan, Shan, Himanshi KhuranaAniruth and G.V. Prakash Kumar.
Since its launch, artists have been using it to promote their music and share it with others, which in turn has encouraged many trends on the platform. To ride this feature, Instagram is now releasing the ‘1 Minute Music’ property.
The property will have music performances by artists from all over India, so it is of interest to everyone in India using Instagram. These include Dhwani Bhanushali, Hindi artists like Nithi Mohan and Shan, Punjabi artists like Jesse Gill, Himashi Khurana And Gurnam Bhular and Tamil artists like Aniruth, Shivangi and GV Prakash Kumar. The music will be accompanied by a music video, which will also be available exclusively on Instagram. In the last 10 days, Himanshi Khurana, Kaur B and its music Gurnjar Chatta Already live.
Believe, a music distribution and artist service company, has worked with Instagram for the association.
Instagram has received a ‘visual refresh’. This is what the photo and video-sharing platform looks like and what the platform feels like. With the visual refresh, the color, typeface, logo and other elements of the brand will go through a change. Here is a brief overview of what is changing.
Instagram Gradient has been given “vibrant colors to feel bright and vibrant”, and a new typeface Instagram Sans will now be included in the design. Also, the app will have a new layout and design system. Instagram says the new design system “focuses on content, simplicity and self-expression.”




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