It’s the season of new-age guilt-free ice creams

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Not only are they loaded with fat which burns too much of their calories and causes the spread of waistline and lifestyle diseases, but for the long shelf life they add a lot of chemicals that can have long term health effects. Some gums like Carrageenan, LBG, Guar, Acacia are added to the ice cream so that ice crystals are not formed. Sometimes mono-diglyceride is added as an emulsifier. Although these are generally considered safe as food additives, there is still insufficient research to substantiate this theory.

Michelin star celebrity chef Subir Sharan, who is associated with the original ice cream brand Cold Love, says he has joined as one of Cold Love’s partners and culinary director because “Aditya Tripathi, a graduate of IIM Ahmedabad Sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical business practice. His personal love for ice cream led to the establishment of a brand that produces delicious ice cream with pure, fresh, natural and high quality products. Since Aditya was the founder, I knew that I was a business partner. I don’t have to worry too much about the ethics of joining. “

“Cold Love Ice Creams are made using natural ingredients – from milk, cream, sugar to good quality real fruit. This ice cream has no chemicals, no color added and no artificial flavor. The ingredients used in this gourmet ice cream should be used with care. Is collected from reputable suppliers and companies and comes in high-grade packaging to ensure hygiene and quality. Before churning and freezing, the ice cream mixture is cooked at high temperature to keep it safe and bacteria-free. ” Added Saran who has given her magical touch to the products by introducing unique flavors and innovations. Boozy Bailey, Pink Guava Syrup, Spiced Walnuts and Ram, Coconut-Molasses are some of the special flavors that Cold Love offers.

Similarly, the artist is another indigenous ice cream brand that is experimenting with earthy and innovative tastes. The brand was founded by Madhusudhan Parikh, a gold medalist in NDRI’s dairy technology and a post-management degree from ISB. The brand aims to promote natural, clean and preservation-free eating habits. Regarding the naming of the brand, artist Madhusudhan Parikh said, “True art is a pure human experience brought to life by an artist. Colors, brushes, written words all come together to express complex thoughts, emotions on canvas, on blank pages. We believe that the purpose of all art, no matter how intense, is to find a way to true happiness, much like eating a tablespoon of your favorite ice cream, which makes life seem easy, fulfilling. “Ice creams are made by hand and in small batches. Is churned, which helps to achieve a smooth, creamy texture.




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