java: Oracle announces Java 18, brings new capabilities

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Oracle Has announced its availability Java 18, the latest version of what is claimed to be the world’s number one programming language and development platform. Java 18 This is the latest release under Java’s six-month release cadence, and according to the company, Oracle Engineers and OpenZD are the result of collaboration between the project and other members of the global Java developer community through the Java Community Process (JCP). It includes updates to code libraries and tools, as well as previews of technologies currently under development.
What’s new?
The latest Java Development Kit (JDK) provides updates and improvements along with nine JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPs). These include the ability to add code snippets to Java API documentation (JEP 413), which makes it easy to add sample source code to API documentation and a simple web server for prototyping and testing (JEP 408). Developers can explore two incubating modules: Vector API (JP417) and Foreign Function and Memory API (JP419), as well as a preview feature: Pattern Matching for Switches (JP420). According to Oracle, JDK 18 “Provides thousands of performance, stability, and security improvements.”
Prasad Subramanian, Senior Director, Department of Engineering, OCI Product Development, Oracle India, said, “Java will be the # 1 programming language in the world today and the # 1 language developers hope to use in the future. JVM.Java 18 is providing a rich pipeline of new features, maintaining a ‘Java feeling’ while tackling all new challenges and opportunities. Various Java projects are underway – Amber, Leyden, Loom, Panama, Valhalla and many more. Oracle Java Technology Leading author and contributor. In fact, we have become the leading sponsor and steward of the Java ecosystem. You could say, we are leading the way in platform innovation with all our work in Java. ”
Talking about the use of Java in India, Saravanon P, Cloud Engineering Leader, Oracle India said, “In India, consumers are using Java very extensively to build their applications. It is the most widely used programming language. And even ISVs use Java দিন let me give you some examples: the applications that are being used today such as payment or mobile and internet banking or UPI or risk management or even new age AI and ML solutions – all use Java as their programming language. Enterprises are seeing value from Java and even Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). A large part of OCI runs Java, through which we can provide customers with automatic patch updates, security, scalability and better management. Their services are in high demand in India. . ”




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