Latest research shows author Anne Brontë was a keen rock collector!

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The English novelist and poet Anne Bronte, often referred to as the “forgotten” Bront ব sister, is best remembered for her books Agnes Gray (1847) and The Tenant of Wildfall Hall, due to her death at the age of 29 from tuberculosis. . ‘(1848).

However, research by Sally Jaspers, who is studying at Bronte as part of her PhD. At the University of Aberdeen, it was revealed that Brontë was also a skilled rock collector with an active interest in geology. In fact, the author created a collection of interesting specimens before his death in 1849.

It should be noted that it was previously thought that Brontë collected items because of their aesthetic value. However, Jaspars’s research revealed that he was a conscious and skilled geologist in the golden age of science.

“His interest in geology is mentioned in his literary work – in fact in The Tenant of Wildfall Hall – he directly mentions a book on science and Sir Humphrey Davy,” Jaspars was quoted as saying by The Guardian.

With experts from the University of Leeds and an expert spectroscopy company, Jaspers found that carnelians and agates (both types of stones) were collected at Scarborough in Bronte, where she served as a governess, the collection contained flouston and a rare type of red obsidian originating outside the UK.

“This is the first time that Ann’s collection has been systematically described and fully identified, and in doing so we add to Ann’s body of knowledge and show her to be scientifically minded and involved in geology. She was an intelligent and progressive man who Was consistent, “Jasper added.

The study is now published in the journal Studies in Bronte.

Meanwhile, for strangers, Anne Bronte was the daughter of Maria and Patrick Bront,, a poor Irish pastor in the Church of England. In 1846 he published a book of poems about his sisters and later two novels, initially called Acton Bell. Her second novel, The Tenant of Wildfall Hall, is considered one of the first feminist novels.




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