Let fruits make your skin glow this Women’s Day

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An old proverb that holds great significance for all ages and ages is “what you eat”. And what’s better than eating natural and organic foods and incorporating these ingredients into your external skin care system? The best way is to keep the fruits as rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as possible which helps prevent cell damage due to free radicals. In addition, exposure to sunlight and exposure to UV rays can lead to premature aging. Fruits are not only easy to include in the diet because they are easy for the body to break down, but they also help with deep hydration, acne resistance, pore tightness and supple skin. Below are some highly nutritious fruits that can give your skin a healthy and youthful look, courtesy of Beauty Guru Shahnaz Hossain.


It can easily be the most nutritious and healthy fruit that can solve a number of skin related problems, as it is rich in Vitamin A, which helps to speed up the healing process and relieve breakouts. It contains Vitamin B, which gives a natural glow and its Vitamin C ingredients help to lighten dark spots and create a uniform color tone. Not only that, it also contains an enzyme called papain, which contributes to the antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties of papaya. So, initially this fruit will work wonders for wrinkle reduction, acne control and spot treatment. Its anti-inflammatory properties and easy pores make it an amazing exfoliator. Therefore, it is highly recommended to make a homemade papaya mask to cut down on all the skin care benefits mentioned above.

These tiny looking and juicy fruits are rich in vitamin C and natural ingredients that help to give the skin a supple and smooth texture and cleanse excess dead skin cells. These can be incorporated into your daily diet in the form of smoothies, made into a facepack, and even used as a toner. Rich in vitamin C and many minerals, strawberries have excellent anti-inflammatory properties, as well as anti-aging benefits. Even if you do not apply strawberries externally on the skin, adding them to the diet can work wonders.


Bananas contain potassium and fiber which not only helps to moisturize the skin, but also contains antioxidants and vitamins A and CO. These are helpful in acne prevention and collagen production, whereas zinc is anti-bacterial. Eating banana or applying it on the skin has great benefits in skin care. Bananas can regenerate damaged and dehydrated skin cells and nourish the skin, resulting in healthier, brighter skin.


This result will ensure that your dull skin will become highly radiant and youthful. The high amount of vitamin C present in kiwi helps in the production of collagen which helps in increasing the elasticity and strength of the skin. Furthermore, it is completely supplemented with other vitamins such as Vitamin E, which helps protect against ultraviolet rays, as well as Vitamin K, which promotes healing and lightens dark circles under the eyes. Kiwis have collagen synthesis and hydrating properties that help skin to be naturally soft and supple. The best way to use kiwi is to extract its juice and add some coconut or olive oil before gently massaging the skin. It is beneficial when added to the diet and applied topically to the skin.


The saying “an apple every day keeps the doctor away” is so meaningful because this fruit helps to strengthen elastin and collagen which helps to keep the skin youthful and radiant. Apples are great for toning the skin and protecting it from UV rays. It also reduces dark circles because it contains a natural tannic ingredient, which nourishes sensitive skin and reduces dark spots. Apples can be eaten both and applied topically. If you want to apply topically, make a pulp and add honey, rose water and oatmeal. This blend will make a great exfoliator because its deep cleansing properties can remove dead skin and provide a clean surface for other products to work effectively.

  1. How to get that natural glow?
    When it comes to skin care, we tend to focus on the exterior, such as cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and so on. But just like any other part of your body, your skin is affected by your internal health
  2. What is the role of vitamins in providing that aura?
    Vitamins play an important role in cell regeneration, repair of DNA damage, use of other nutrients, enhancement of immunity, etc. In case of infection.
  3. Should I take supplements for a radiant skin?
    A balanced, healthy diet goes a long way in keeping your skin healthy inside and out. Vitamins, though needed in small amounts, can make a big difference in the look and feel of your skin. Lack of these essential nutrients can make your skin dull, itchy, prone to breakouts and infections. Vitamins also protect your skin from serious problems like skin infections and skin cancer. If you feel that you are not getting enough vitamins through your daily diet, consult your doctor and start taking vitamin supplements.




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