lexar: Lexar announces Ares DDR5 OC RAM for desktop computers

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Flash memory maker Lexar Has announced its new Lexar Ares DDR5 OC desktop memory. According to the company, the new RAM is designed specifically for PC enthusiasts and gamers.
Lexar Ares DDR5 OC supports DDR5 technology designed for the latest desktop memory Intel Core The processor platform and supports Intel XMP 3.02. Memory claims a maximum clock speed of 5200MHz and offers 1.63x bandwidth compared to DDR4 RAM.
Lexar Ares DDR5 OC RAM: Price and Availability
The new Lexar Ares DDR5 5200 OC Desktop Memory 2H will be available at EMEA in 2022.
Lexar Ares DDR5 OC RAM: Features
The company’s latest RAM has a smooth aluminum heat spreader to control system temperature. Memory comes with on-die ECC, which ensures real-time data error correction for increased stability and reliability during limitations.
In addition, DDR5 OC RAM comes with a built-in Power Management IC (PMIC), which provides better power control and power delivery when operating at low voltage of 1.25V (XMP profile).
Key features

  • Supports next generation DDR5 technology
  • Clock speed: 5200MHz
  • 1.6x faster than DDR4
  • Designed with on-die ECC for improved stability of overclocking
  • Supports Intel XMP 3.0 and overclocks your DDR5 memory
  • To enhance the built-in PMIC power efficiency
  • Premium heat spreader design that combines bold style and cooling functionality




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