Lost Charlotte Brontë manuscript reportedly sells for USD 1.25 Million

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A miniature book of poetry written by 13-year-old Charlotte Bront was unveiled in New York on April 21 after more than a century of hiding. The 15-page manuscript, dated 1829, is smaller than a playing card and consists of ten unpublished poems. And that manuscript sold for just 25 1.25 million, according to an American weekly magazine.

The title is “A Book of Rehms (sic) by Charlotte Bront,, sold by someone, and printed by myself,” the volume is hand-sewn on its original brown paper cover.

The small handwriting in the play-card-sized book, which looks like a printer’s font, “is impossible to see quickly without a magnifying glass,” wrote Jennifer Schweisler of the New York Times.

Its content illuminates the personality of the young writer. In the table of contents, Bronte credits the poems to the fictional authors “Marquis of Duro and Lord Charles Wellesley”, then claims that they are “actually my writings.”

On the back of the title page, he wrote apologetically, “It must be admitted that the following is an inferior rhythmic attempt, but they are still my best.”

The book has not been seen in public since November 1916, when it sold at auction in New York City for 520. It went on sale at the New York International Antiquarian Book Fair, valued at 1.25 million. The fair opened on April 21 and lasted until April 24.

Prior to November 2019, Brontের’s miniature manuscript, an issue of his ‘Young Men’s Magazine’, sold for USD 850,000. In addition, in December last year, a group of British libraries and museums bought a collection of books and manuscripts, including seven miniatures of Charlotte, for .5 19.5 million.

Meanwhile, for strangers, Charlotte Bronte was an English novelist and poet, the eldest of three Bronte sisters who survived her youth and whose novels have become classics in English literature. He is best known for his 1847 novel Jane Eyre.

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