marvel: George R.R. Martin teams up with Marvel Comics for a new project

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Here’s some great news for fans of Marvel and author George RR Martin! The author of Game of Thrones, George RR Martin, and Marvel Comics have teamed up to create a new universe in the fascinating Marvel world. The new project is a science fiction series called ‘Wild Card’, written by Martin.

“The Wild Card” is a three-decade-old anthology series featuring contributions from more than forty authors.

According to Marvel’s website, the “Wild Card” series tells the story of an alternative history where the world is home to super-powerful individuals. Most of those who survive become “jokers”, some are left with strangely altered forms. Some lucky ones are called “aces”, those who are gifted with superpowers can use them for heroic purposes … or villains. ”

The first ‘Wild Card’ novel will be adapted into a limited series called ‘The Drawing of Cards’. It was written by Paul Cornell and artist Mike Hawthorne.

Speaking about the new partnership with Marvel Comics, author GRRM said in a statement: “My fans already know that Wild Card World holds a special place in my heart, so I have the special opportunity to announce that an industry like Marvel is titan. As a comic book, I enjoy writing stories from the beginning. ”

The first book on wild cards – called ‘The Drawing of the Cards # 1’ – is expected to be published on June 1, 2022.

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