Messenger app gets new shortcuts: Allow users to send silent messages, notify everyone and more

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Meta-owned Facebook has added several new features and shortcuts Messenger The app is available for iOS and both Android Users, Messenger users can use new shortcuts to perform various tasks such as notifying all users in a group about a new message, sending silent messages, GIFs and much more.
Currently, Messenger allows users to tag a specific username in a chat. Starting today, they will be able to tag everyone in the group. To notify all participants in the chat, simply start your message with @Everyone.
“গ্রুপ Perfect for every group reminder, to meet immediately or when you need to gather brainstrash to crowd source the answers to a time-sensitive question,” the company says.
Similarly, users can send silent messages through the Messenger app. All they have to do is start the message silently. Sending a message with / silent will ensure that other members of the chat are not interrupted by non-urgent pop-up notifications or disturbed during their shutdown. The ability to send silent messages is already available Instagram As “that silent”. Rival messaging service Telegram Launched the feature in 2019.
Facebook says it will bring some new shortcuts to the Messenger app next week. With these shortcuts, it will help you enhance the user skills in Messenger for both practical and entertainment purposes. One such feature is the Pay Shortcut, which will soon be coming to iOS and Android for Messenger fans in the United States. Users simply need to type / pay to securely send or request money without any fees – suitable for quick payments to a friend for dinner or refund for a ride.
This will make it easy to find and send / add GIF shortcuts GIF Chat will be available for iOS users soon. To use the / gif shortcut, one simply needs to type / gif and select a topic to view the GIF options. A shortcut will be added to quickly add emoticons to messages. Users need to type / shrug or / tableflip to add their favorite emoticons.



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