metaverse: Kiyaverse is India’s first banking metaverse: How it will work for banks, users

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Metaverse There is a lot of buzz in Tech Town these days. From big tech to startups, everyone wants to create a drama for it., a digital solutions provider, has ambitious plans and announced India’s first banking metavars. Kiavers Metaverse offers meaningful applications that apply to relevant business use in the real world. This will enable banks to leverage the potential for improved UX to deliver optimal results for data visualization and gamification of processes and methods, “said, MD and CEO. Rajesh Mirjankar. is working with financial institutions and governments to provide digital solutions in other areas, including financial services and digital payments. So this is not a new domain but the playing field is definitely new.

How would a banking metaverse work for a bank?

While this is a long-term game, Kiavers primarily seeks to help banks expand their metavars for their clients and employees. Services provided will include Peer Avatar, RobodViser and Relationship Manager. Relying heavily on Web 3.0, Kiavers also wants to include tokens and NFTs. Mir Jankar Hall noDon’t be distracted by the notion of skepticism around Web 3.0. With the advent of 5G, IoT will be the key enabler for banking metavers. Kiavers wants to introduce haptics-enabled headsets – much like the Oculus device – that will give the feeling of ‘real’ interactions in the banking metavers.

How will banking users benefit from Metaverse?

It will start by creating personalized avatars for all customers. These avatars will be available on mobiles, laptops, VR headsets. Mirzankar is confident that as mixed reality becomes more mainstream, it will have a positive impact on Kiavers. What wants to do is get banking services in the virtual world. Users will be able to communicate with their relationship managers. AI-based digital interactions will be a key part of the banking metavers. Users will be able to get solutions like portfolio analysis, loan details and asset management.

Will Banking Metavers Work?

This is still a very early day in the metaverse world and it depends on many factors. Educating users about this will be a challenge because there will be resistance to change. Early recipients – such as – are confident that they will be able to deliver. It remains to be seen whether this will work.




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