Micro review: ‘Rising Petals’ by Ashwini Rath

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Ashwini Rath’s first book ‘Rising Petal’ is a collection of 26 poems that explore the concerns of modern man through mood, space, events and objects. The collection of poems has been published by Notton Press.

“‘Rising Petals’ is a collection of poems that reflects the concerns of the individual and society as a whole in the later stages of evolution without interruption or bloodshed,” Rath wrote in the poet’s note.

In the poem ‘Coffee’ Roth speaks of the lives of busy professionals; Although the poem ‘Aspiration’ is about fake recognition and glamor in the world around us. In the poem ‘Indian’, the term “the original inhabitants of a place” has been used instead of our country instead of commenting on the current situation and the world. Here are some lines from the poem:

“My proper identity

Crawling in the wild

Or glass chamber

With greed

The seeds of civilization

And for trade.

I seek salvation


In poverty

In my mind

With power, with resources

And domination. ”

Each poem is only one page or two long; Readers can finish the book at once or read a few poems a day. These minimalist poems will make readers self-reflective and reflect on today’s reality and where we are going in the future. If you like reading poetry, you can give this collection of poems a shot.

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