microsoft: Read deleted posts reportedly from recruiters from Microsoft and Amazon to invite Tesla employees upset with return-to-office demand

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Earlier this week, Tesla CEO Dr. Elon Musk He sent two emails to company employees asking them to work at least 40 hours a week from their head office or leave the company. In an email, Musk is said to have said that if an employee were to work from a distance, he would assume that his
Back-to-office ultimatum reportedly rivals technical recruiters Amazon And Microsoft Tesla invites annoyed workers with new instructions. Zafar Chowdhury, Who identifies himself as a technology recruiting leader at Amazon Web Services on LinkedIn, has issued a call for Tesla engineers to join the ecommerce giant. A similar call was reportedly made Tiana Watts-PorterMicrosoft’s technical employer, on LinkedIn Inviting Tesla staff. Both executives, however, later deleted the posts.
Here are the LinkedIn posts:
Jafar Chowdhury of Amazon: If the Emperor of Mars doesn’t want you, I’d be happy to bring you to #AWS.
Tiana Watts-Porter of Microsoft: Here at Microsoft and our partners LinkedIn and GitHub we are offering all the options !!! You can do whatever you want, and here you are at Microsoft! And if that includes working at home after your pajamas, it’s just fine and dandy.
The duo’s posts follow a series of leaked emails and follow-up tweets from Elon Musk instructing Tesla staff to say goodbye to completing the remote work.

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