miui: Xiaomi’s MIUI may soon allow users to pre-download game content in the background

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From all smartphones Shaomi And its sub-brand Redmi Invoice MIUI The operating system OST, developed by a Chinese smartphone maker, offers lots of customization options and tools that allow users to take full control of the software. This makes MIUI the most featured Android Leather available in the market. According to an XDA developers report, MIUI Android Skin could soon keep its user-favorite games up-to-date in the background.
How was this feature revealed?
The report claims that evidence of a new MIUI feature has been found in the latest version My security The app is expected to automatically download new game updates in the background as soon as this feature is available.
Availability of MIUI pre-downloaded game content features
The report suggests that the background download feature will only work with certain selected games. The feature can only work with games downloaded from Xiaomi’s App Store, GetApps. Furthermore, the report does not confirm whether the Background Game Update feature will be limited to the Chinese version of MIUI or will be available worldwide. There is no information on when Xiaomi plans to introduce this feature to its users.
How will this feature work?
This new MIUI feature can automatically download new game content while enabled. This feature works even when the phone is connected to Wi-Fi and the screen is off. The report does not confirm exactly what is meant by “pre-download” in the strings found in the Mi Security app. However, the report provides a basic explanation and suggests that new game updates be downloaded whenever the feature is released.
The importance of this feature
Xiaomi has not confirmed any details about this feature and it is not yet clear exactly what it does. If it only downloads new game updates when they are released, it won’t be that important Play Store The app has been offering auto-updates for a long time. However, this feature can be important if it allows downloading new game content in advance – even before the developer releases updates to the Google Play Store. If this feature is enabled, users will not have to wait to download the latest update and may start running the latest version as soon as it goes live.
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