modern warfare: Call of Duty Warzone 2 may get four Modern Warfare 2 maps

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A second installment of Call of Duty: Warzone is expected to be under development. Players and enthusiasts have already received a lot of information about this title through leaks and rumors. Upcoming Call of Duty: Warzone 2 will include four maps from older games Modern warfare 2, according to a report by IGN India. The report further states that these four maps will be extended as POI or Matters of interest. The report did not reveal the final names of the POIs but some of them are expected to be part of the upcoming game.
Four modern war 2 maps
The first map to be added to Call of Duty is expected to be: From Warfare 2 to Warzone 2 Highrise. In Verzone 2, the map will be called ‘Modern City’ and may include taller and larger buildings with city-style landscapes. Next, the upcoming game may also get Mine Map that will be added to the game with its real name. The third map will also be a POI in the upcoming game Afghan Maps It will be placed in the center of the game’s map and named ‘Cave‘Finally, Warzone 2 will also get the terminal map which will become the new’ airport ‘in the upcoming title.
All expected POIs in Warzone 2
Game POIs are expected to be – Oasis, Wartorn, Quarry (original name Quarry), Oilfield, Modern City (original name Highrise), Cave (original name Afghan), Dam, Marshes, Harbor, Sira, Observatory, Mountain City. (Considered favela), cemetery, oldtown, ship rack, fishtown, fort and airport (original name terminal).
New castle Method
The report further states that a new Strongholds system has been added to the game. These forts will serve as shopping maps on the map which will be categorized according to their size and spread across the map.
The importance of the fort
The forts scattered across the map can not only act as a shopping station but can also be captured by players. To further increase the competition, these castles will be protected by AI opponents as all players on the server will want to occupy a castle for themselves. These in-game purchasing stations will include objectives to complete players to get better loadouts.
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