mozilla: Mozilla set to add AV1 video codec support to the Firefox browser

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Mozilla The Foundation is ready to include support for the AV1 Video Codec in its upcoming Firefox 100 release. Android Police has announced in a recent Bagzilla update that it will be available from May 3, 2022.
Currently, users can run the AV1 Video Codec on updated versions of Chrome or Edge browsers on a Windows 10 system that supports high quality graphics. Google and Microsoft officially began supporting hardware acceleration in their flagship browsers in 2020.
However, the Mozilla Foundation did not prioritize the inclusion of AV1 video support in Firefox because the current version of the software requires stronger hardware. According to Mozilla, users of such hardware are a small percentage of PC users.
That’s why Mozilla’s developers have stopped updating. However, for users, this update seems to be a long overdue.
Importance of AV1 Video Codec
Unlike MPEG-2 or HEVC, the AV1 video codec is more cost-effective because it can be used in open source and royalty-free. It also offers 30 percent better compression than its nearest competitor and has a negligible effect on image quality.
Moreover, AV1 processes video by transferring loads from the software to your system’s hardware. This method has become quite energy-efficient which also helps to extend the battery life of your tablet or PC.
In addition to the reasons mentioned above, adopting AV1 Video Codec can be helpful for Netflix users. Content binging in the Firefox 100 browser, including the built-in AV1, is expected to provide users with a better streaming experience.




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