mpl: MPL’s Mayhem Studios may soon launch Battle Royale game set in India, reveals leaked image

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Mobile Premier League (MPL) Mehem Studio Looks like ready to enter Battle Royale Mobile gaming segment in India. A popular mobile Sports Country Platforms, MPLMehem Studios recently announced the launch of AAA Games for both the Indian and global markets.
An image that appeared on the Internet shows a glimpse into the company’s plans The photo shows a man, wearing a striped lungi and carrying an AK47, walking in a distinctly Indian landscape. The film hints that the first title produced by Mehem Studios could be a Battle Royale game set in India.
The Indian costume of landscape and character makes it quite clear that players will find some prominent Indian elements in the game. The MPL has not yet officially confirmed the upcoming game.
In addition, Mehem Studios will launch one of the first studios in India to launch the AAA Battle Royal Game title set.




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