N-key rollover: Explainer: What is N-key rollover in keyboards

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A N-key rollover A. Keyboard This means that each key press on the keyboard will be registered individually when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously. If a keyboard comes with an N-key rollover, it means it can scan each key press individually, meaning that even if you press many keys at the same time, each key press will give some output.
‘N’ in N-key rollover is the number of keys that come with this function. Suppose a keyboard has a 6-key rollover (6KRO), Then six keys can be pressed together for input. Some inexpensive keyboards also have a 3-key rollover (3KRO).
There are many uses for pressing multiple keys at the same time Gaming. And so, not every keyboard comes with an N-key rollover because the inclusion of technology increases production costs.
Pressing more keys than allowed on N-key rollovers
Suppose your keyboard is 3KRO, then if you press four keys at the same time, the fourth unassigned key may get blocked or jammed and you will not see any input from there. Another problem may be that GhostsWhich means you can see some input from a key you never pressed.
Should you worry about N-Key rollover features?
Not at all if you are going to buy a keyboard for regular purposes and do not want to use it to learn and practice advanced typing techniques or do some serious gaming. But if you are buying a keyboard specifically for gaming, you may have to press several keys at the same time to trigger some special moves in the game and this may give you an edge over the opponent.
Suppose you hold the Shift key while switching between W, A and D buttons to run in an unexpected manner. Now if you have to jump, you have to hold down the previous two keys and press space. If you are ready to do this but see an enemy on the opposite side of a structure or ramp, you may want to press another designated key to trigger a kill move. But if there is only a 3-key rollover, the fourth key will not be registered and so, the game is over for you. So, this feature of a keyboard is usually most suitable for serious gamers.




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