NASA has chosen these companies for a nuclear project on the Moon

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NASA Going to build Atomic On the power station The moon And for the same, agreements have been signed with three companies. The companies have won the tender for the nuclear power project Lockheed Martin, Westinghouse And IX.
Joined hands with NASA U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced space nuclear technology development. Both have chosen three design concept proposals for designing a fission surface power system “that could be ready for launch by the end of the decade for a display on the moon.”
The US Space Agency announced in a website post: “The Battle Energy Alliance, the managing and operating contractor of the Idaho National Laboratory, has led the request for development, evaluation and collection of NASA-sponsored proposals. Idaho National Laboratory will award a 12-month contract to the following companies for the development of each initial design:
The company will partner with BWXT and Creare – Lockheed Martin, Bethesda, Maryland.
Westinghouse, Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania – The company will partner with Arrowjet RocketDine.
The company will partner with Maxar and Boeing, a joint venture between IX, Intuitive Machines and X-Energy in Houston, Texas. ”
The three companies have been given the responsibility of providing concept design Centrifugal fissure The energy system that will be placed on the moon. Companies, along with their partners, need to develop a “preliminary design concept” for a 40-kilowatt-class fission power system planned to last at least 10 years on the moon.
Each of the three companies will take home about $ 5 million for their contributions. Through this agreement, NASA is looking for some future applications for spacecraft propulsion systems that are designed to travel far and deep in space under it. Artemis Activities.

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