Naseeruddin Shah suffers from a medical condition called Onomatomania, know what it is

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In an interview, actor Nasiruddin Shah said that he was suffering from a condition called onomatomania where a person fixes certain words and uses them repeatedly. For example, if you use the word “euphoria”, you should use it whenever possible. Onomatomania is an obsession with a specific sound.

The dictionary defines it as an unusual concentration on specific words and their supposed meanings or attempts to memorize a particular word.

“I am suffering from a disease called onomatomania. I’m not kidding. It is a medical condition. You can check it out in the dictionary, “he said in an interview with Film Talk and went on to explain. “Anomatomania is a disorder where you keep repeating a word or a phrase, a sentence or a verse or a speech without any reason. You like to listen without it. I do it all the time so I never rest. Even when I’m sleeping, I’m going through some of my favorite passages, ”he said in the interview.

Is it a psychological condition?

Onmatomania has repeatedly attracted the attention of experts in the study of cognitive behavior.

Often associated with obsessive compulsive disorder, Jean-Martin Charcot, Valentin Magnan created onomatomania for disabled patients by the “essential concept”. Jean-Martin Charcot is called the “father of modern neurology.”

Charcot’s other notable achievements include: a description of the vascular supply to the brain, differentiating the vibrations found in multiple sclerosis patients with Parkinson’s disease, differentiating epilepsy from hysteria, setting up a rehabilitation clinic for its treatment, and setting up a rehabilitation clinic for its treatment. Formulation of a triad (known as biliary triad) consisting of right upper quadrant pain, jaundice and fever, “says a research study.

In 1890 another researcher mentioned a link between colic, epilepsy and onomatomania.

German psychiatrist Rudolf Gottfried Arndt called insomnia insane.

  1. What is onomatomania?
    Onomatomania is a condition in which a person focuses on a specific word and uses it repeatedly.
  2. Who coined the term onomatomania?
    Onomatomania was created by Jean-Martin Charcot and Valentin Magnan.
  3. Is it a psychological condition?
    Onomatomania has been linked to obsessive compulsive disorder. In 1890, researchers cited a link between colic, epilepsy, and onychomycosis.




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