nichols: Queen Elizabeth awards Grace Nichols the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry 2021

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Guyanese poet Grace Nichols, who moved to the UK in 1977 when she was 27, was declared the Queen’s Gold Medal winner for poetry. And now, the news is that Grace Nichols was given this award by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom on March 16, 2022.

Sharing a photo of the awards ceremony at Windsor Castle, a post on the royal family’s Instagram account reads: At Windsor Castle, the Queen today presented Grace Nichols with the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry 2021.

Founded in 1933 by King George V, the medal is awarded annually to a writer for excellence in poetry. The medal itself was designed by the late Edmund Dulac, with a crowned statue of the Queen on one side and a statue of the “Truth” on the other, rising from his well and holding a divine flame in his right hand. Inspiration – Beauty is truth and true beauty. ‘, “The post reads further.

Grace Nichols’ first collection of poems, I am a Long-Memored Woman (1983), won her the Commonwealth Poetry Prize. Prior to moving to Britain, Nicholas worked as a teacher and journalist in Guyana. Her other notable works include ‘The Fat Black Woman’s Poems’, ‘Lazy Thoughts of a Lazy Woman’, and ‘Passport to Hear and Give’.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II turns 70 – on February 6, 2022 – since she ascended the throne following the death of her father, King George VI. According to the UK Royal’s official website, “His Majesty has reigned longer than any other British monarch in history.”

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